viernes, 15 de junio de 2012


Subject: Visit to Lanzarote

Hi Margara!

I'm really excited about my visit to Lanzarote. We're arriving early on 15th July, so I can't stay with you for a week of this month. By the way, I'm told that the hotel is fantastic and is next to the beach. My parents and I have got great plans:
In the morning, we are going to go to the beach of Papagayo, and on it, we are going to do scuba diving. I get to see many fish of differents class!
Next, we are going to go sightseeing around the island, for example the museum of César Manrique, the Jameos del agua, the Caves of the Hervideros and The cactus' garden.
Then, other day, we are going to visit the National Park of Timanfaya. It is a park of volcanic rocks without any vegetation.
Finally, we are going to travel by boat to the Graciosa Island, a small fishing island.
I mustn't forget my swimsuit to swim in the beach.
I'm going to buy souvenirs for you.
What are you planning to do in the summer?


Lucía García Jiménez 1º B

miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012


Last Friday First I went to my Secondary school in the morning. Then I went home to have lunch with my family. After that I went to Chapim Stadium to my training. It was special because we played a football match. It was great.
Next, about eight in the afternoon , My friend Maria and I went to a Carrefour.
Finally, we had dinner and went home.

By Clara Montes López, 1ºB

viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

My Favourite Sport

Rhythmics Gymnastics

My favorite sport is rhythmic gymnastic.
It's very beautiful and interesting.

Everyone can do it but they are always girls who practise.

You can do a dance with a hoop,clubs,rope,ball or ribbon.
In my school gym an exhibition and two competitions in one year.

In the game your dance should last no more than 1.30 seconds.

You must wear special clothes and ballet shoes.

One qualifing round of 24 competitions.
With the hoop, you can throw backwards and do inside moves.
With the rope you can jump very high.

With the clubs you can do throws and rotations.

And the ball is the only apparatus without any handle.

By Claudia Salguero Abucha 1ºA